Boot Camp

Our all inclusive intensive two week training course is designed to give dogs and their owners big and fulfilled lives. We will train your dog in a controlled classroom environment as well as in the real world where you can't always control the environment. We will get your dog in shape and teach you how to maintain their condition. The course is customizable to resolve specific problems your dog has and to meet specific goals that you have. During the first week, no visits are allowed as we need to earn your dog's trust and minimize any distractions from their training. In the second week, we encourage owners to stop by as often as possible so that we can teach you the correct way to handle your dog. The course includes all boarding and healthy meals. Leave your dog with us for two weeks and we'll teach them how to have the biggest life possible!

*Aggressive dogs subject to evaluation - cost and time may increase based upon this evaluation, but specific prices will be discussed before training begins.

Two-week Training Session: $1,100.00

Private Training

Obedience training is like happiness insurance. That’s because it can help transform even the most unruly canine into a well-mannered, easier-to-control pet. And because obedience training is great for kids as well as adults, it’s an activity in which the whole family can participate. Special private instruction can also be arranged to fit your particular schedule. For the ultimate in obedience training convenience, our trainers will come to your home for private classes. In the process, you will learn to establish and maintain control over your pet.

Private sessions: $100.00

Group Classes

Our group class is like none other around. We work in our state-of-the-art training facility with agility props as well as out on the street in the real world. Our class is designed to enhance and further your dog handling skills in a controlled environment and work on specific behavioral issues as well as advanced obedience and agility training. To become part of the pack you have to do five private lessons for a price of $300 or enroll in our boot camp program. We will teach you and your dog formal basic obedience and hone your dog handling skills. After either program, you will have to tools and know-how to be successful in our class. This is not a class that teaches basic obedience. It is for refreshing your dog's formal obedience training and your own dog handling skills!

We will teach you the foundation of obedience training and you will learn to communicate with your pup much better. We will show you how to stop unwanted behavior and reward the good stuff so that you and your dog can have much bigger life together!