Learn How to Lead Your Dog with Chicago Canine Academy Training

Chicago Canine Academy based in Chicago, Illinois has over 20 years of experience helping dog owners understand the best ways to manage their dog's behaviors. We help numerous families each year turn a hyper, out of control dog into a dog that can freely run off a leash and still listen to commands. Some dog owners believe that their dog's behavior is so out of control that there's nothing left but to continually punish the dog for bad behavior. Our goal is to provide proper dog obedience training that shows dog owners how to correct bad behaviors, prevent future bad behavior, and maintain a level of leadership that lets the dog know the owner is in control.

Intensive Doggy Boot Camp - $1200

When you take advantage of our dog boot camp, your dog stays with us for two weeks. During this time, we build a level of trust and security with your dog as we implement training strategies that correct your dog's bad behaviors. We will assess your dog and work with you to determine problem areas that need correction. During the second week of the class, you are welcome to visit as often as possible so we can teach you the strategies your dog learned the week before in its' dog training class. You may feel nervous about leaving your dog, but it will be in a safe, secure environment surrounded by professional trainers. We promise that you'll appreciate the end result of our boot camp and go home with a completely different dog.

Traditional Dog Training Classes

We offer both group classes and personal classes for canine training. Depending on your dog's current level of behavioral problems, our trainers may decide that personal training is the best first step to curb aggressive behaviors or work strictly on your dog's trouble areas. Group classes are a great way to introduce your dog to other people and dogs, while taking advantage of real world adventures where you can see your dog's training in action. Obedience training for dogs is a finely tuned skill, and Chicago Canine Academy has the knowledge and skills needed to provide you with the training you need to have the dog you've always wanted.