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Have issue with your new dog or puppy being obedient? Director Jim Morgan with the Chicago Canine Academy works with his dog trainers to help people learn how to properly control their dog, allow them to run free without a leash and return on call, and curb aggressive behaviors. Jim has over 25 years of experience helping dogs become more obedient and his team is ready to help you be comfortable and engaged training your dog. We also offer daycare services and dog boarding for people who want a safe and nurturing environment for their dog when they're away.

Dog Training Program

Chicago Canine Academy based in Chicago, Illinois has over 25 years of experience helping dog owners understand the best ways to manage their dog's behaviors. We help numerous families each year turn a hyper, out of control dog into a dog that can freely run off a leash and still listen to commands. Some dog owners believe that their dog's behavior is so out of control that there's nothing left but to continually punish the dog for bad behavior.


Our goal is to provide proper dog obedience training that shows dog owners how to correct bad behaviors, prevent future bad behavior, and maintain a level of leadership that lets the dog know the owner is in control.

Boarding and Daycare Services

We know how important stimulation is for a dog to maintain good behavior. That's why we offer boarding and dog daycare services in addition to our training program. When your dog boards with us, we will provide six hours of outside entertainment and exercise per day. We will assess your dog's behavior and determine if it's safe to allow your dog to play with the other dogs, or if it's better to allow for private exercise time.


Your dog will be in the company of a caring dog trainer. If you're looking for puppy schools or dog training schools in Chicago, Illinois, we encourage you to give us a call and see how we can help you provide the proper training for your pet.

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