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Do you have a puppy or new dog that you'd like to train to be obedient? At the Chicago Canine Academy in Chicago, Illinois director Jim Morgan works with a team of certified, professional dog trainers to help families learn how to control their dog, curb aggressive behaviors, and allow the dog to run free of a leash but still return when called. With over 25 years of experience in dog obedience training, trainer Jim Morgan and his team strive to provide a comfortable, engaging environment for you and your dog. The academy also offers dog boarding and daycare services for families who want a safe, nurturing environment for their pet while they're away.

Dog Training Program

We offer Boot Camp Program for dog owners who need help learning how to lead their dog. It is an intense 2-week session where you and your dog learn the necessary behaviors to have a well-trained dog. We work to find your dog's weaknesses and show you how to correct the problems.


We believe that you'll be surprised and excited at the changes your dog can make when enrolled in our program. We have experience in training both puppies and adult dogs. We will teach you how to reign in your dog's behavior and get him or her on the right track before the behavior becomes too out of control.

Boarding and Daycare Services

We know how important stimulation is for a dog to maintain good behavior. That's why we offer boarding and dog daycare services in addition to our training program. When your dog boards with us, we will provide six hours of outside entertainment and exercise per day. We will assess your dog's behavior and determine if it's safe to allow your dog to play with the other dogs, or if it's better to allow for private exercise time in a separate dog run.


Your dog will be in the company of a caring dog trainer who will never put your dog, or the other dogs, in any danger. If you're looking for puppy schools or dog training schools in Chicago, Illinois, we encourage you to give us a call and see how we can help you provide the proper training for your pet.

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