Give Your Dog a BIG LIFE with Training!


If loving our dogs was all it took to have great dogs, we would all have Rin Tin Tins and Lassies. Sadly that's not the case. So, what's the missing component? Trust/Respect. Without it "them" you can't have a truly distraction proof dog. When we talk to new clients, we ask what they've been doing with their dog up to this point and what commands the dog knows. They give us the usual - sit, stay, heel, etc. but when we ask them to show us, the excuses start: "oh, he's nervous", "he's probably tired", "she can do it at home" and so on and on.... If your dog is trained CCA style, he/she can become impervious to distractions. I emphasize the term "can become" because not everyone is able to develop the trust/respect relationship that we are talking about. It's difficult for some people to be "hard" on their pets, but it's like being a responsible parent instead of an indulgent one. Although we start out crossing every T and dotting every I, the ultimate goal is more freedom, not less, though in the beginning everything is about control. When you have earned the trust/respect, that's when the fun starts. My dogs go with me everywhere and they are perfectly well behaved no matter what we encounter. It's not because they love me that they are well behaved (although they do), it's because they trust/respect me. If you can get that concept at CCA, you too can have a perfect dog. If you want to test my claim about our dogs, please come and meet us!


Jim Morgan, Director of training


Wouldn't you love to let your dog run, the way he/she is supposed to? Dogs were not meant to be hooked to a leash every time they step outdoors. Unfortunately, this is the case with many dogs, from miniature pinschers to Great Danes, as they are untrained. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, because at the Chicago Canine Academy, we specialize in dog obedience training and our dog trainers have the skills to get your dogs and puppies trained to be free.

You may think that your dog is aggressive, destructive, anxious, barks too much or even obese. It is important you understand that you dog is simply frustrated with not being able to do what nature intended. We are here at the Chicago Canine Academy to provide the dog training that your dog desires to give him/her the life they deserve.

Our Services

During our dog training session, your pet will learn how to handle any situation that is thrown at him/her. Your dog with work with a dog trainer, along with you, to figure out what is your dog's weakness, so that he/she may begin obedience training for dogs. In addition to puppy training and canine training, we offer dog boarding for individuals who need to go out of town. Unlike other dog boarding facilities, we make sure that your canine gets plenty of outdoor playtime – six hours per day, in fact. The entire time, you dog will be supervised by our dog trainers, ensure your pet's safety and the safety of other dogs.

Our Goal

We strive to provide your dogs with the life they were meant to live. We can accomplish this goal through what we like to refer to as dog boot camp, which teaches your dog to behave, listen to you and be able to run free safely, yet return when called. If you are looking for a way to give your dog the life he/she deserves, contact the Chicago Canine Academy today to find out about our canine training services and to schedule an appointment.