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Have issues with your new dog or puppy being obedient?

Director Jim Morgan with the Chicago Canine Academy works with his dog trainers to help people learn how to properly control their dog, allow them to run free without a leash and return on call, and curb aggressive behaviors.

Individualized Dog Training in Chicago

We have the experience to train your dog for you, and we don’t use a cookie-cutter method. We understand each pet has its own unique personality and our services are geared to providing you with the knowledge of how to handle your pet. This is why we provide a variety of services, from dog boot camp to dog training classes in Chicago. No matter what size, age, breed or temperament, our dog training classes can train your canine to be well-behaved in public, when socializing and at home. We have options for everyone, whether you need help with specific behavioral issues or more common issues like leash pulling, we are the best dog training facility in Chicago.

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What makes us the best dog training option is effective training strategies and attention to detail in how we handle your canine and teach you to do the same. We are dedicated to ensuring you see the results you desire, whether you’re looking for basic dog training or need service dog training in our Chicago facility. Helping you achieve your goals for your pet is why we offer such a broad array of services under one roof.

Intense Training Options

For some issues, your canine may need the complete attention of the trainer. Private dog training or our dog boot camp in Chicago are both great options for more intense issues and solving underlying problems quickly and safely. This ensures you; your family and your dog are safe and not put in a risky situation. These training options are effective when dealing with a pet that is extremely destructive or demonstrating aggressive or fearful behaviors. These training options are also useful when you have other issues like extreme difficulty housebreaking your dog, consistently bad manners or reactivity.

Our Exceptional Trainers

At Chicago Canine Academy, we use highly effective and modern methods in a positive environment. Our trainers are highly experienced and have the expertise to work with a variety of breeds. All of our instructors use positive reinforcement and well-balanced training methodologies. They also regularly participate in continuing education, so they keep updated with best practices. By staying current in strategies, styles and training methods and techniques, our trainers help improve each canine-human relationship. We take this personal approach for you and your dog in all of our classes, from basic dog training in Chicago to more in-depth training sessions like service dog training and dog boot camp training.

Our emphasis is on providing every family and their dog(s) with quality personalized dog training services in Chicago. All of our services are focused on meeting the individualized needs of each person, family and dog. Our trainers focus on striving to help you build a lasting relationship with your pet through attention-based obedience training. They understand dogs have unique personalities and behaviors, so all of our private dog training is personalized to fit your goals and your family dynamics.

Jim has over 25 years of experience helping dogs become more obedient and his team is ready to help you be comfortable and engaged training your dog. We also offer daycare services and dog boarding for people who want a safe and nurturing environment for their dog when they’re away.



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Find The Right Package For Your Dog

Boot Camp

  • 2 Week Program

  • 2 weeks of dog obedience training to correct bad behaviors
  • Teaching basic commands: sit, down, stay.
  • Loose leash walking and overall manners
  • Ages: 16 Weeks & Up
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  • Session

  • Work one on one with a dog trainer to correct bad habits
  • * Group Classes also available *
  • Ages: 16 Weeks & Up
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  • Per day

  • Our dog boarding service is the perfect fit for people that will be gone for a long period of time. We will give your dog a nurturing environment full of caring staff.
  • $40 per day for dogs trained by CCA
  • Ages: 16 Weeks & Up
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    Learn how to lead your dog with Chicago Canine Academy Training. Take advantage of our different lesson packages

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    Chicago Canine Academy offers caring, safe boarding services for dogs. Our dog boarding service is the perfect fit for people that will be gone for a long period of time.

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    Our dog daycare services are a great option for people who work long hours or families who just got a puppy and don’t want to leave it alone for the day.

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Chicago Canine Academy Training

Caring & Efficient Trainers

When you bring your dog to Chicago Canine Academy, you can rest assured your dog is in good hands with our nurturing environment & caring staff.

25+ Years of Experience

Chicago Canine Academy based in Chicago, Illinois has over 25 years of experience helping dog owners understand the best ways to manage their dog’s behaviors.

Education For Owners

Our goal is to also provide proper dog obedience training that shows dog owners how to correct bad behaviors.

Obedience Training for Dogs

We help numerous families each year turn a hyper, out of control dog into a dog that can freely run off a leash and still listen to commands.


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