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Boot Camp

  • 2 Week Program

  • 2 weeks of dog obedience training to correct bad behaviors
  • Teaching basic commands: sit, down, stay.
  • Loose leash walking and overall manners
  • Ages: 16 Weeks & Up
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  • Session

  • Work one on one with a dog trainer to correct bad habits
  • * Group Classes also available *
  • Ages: 16 Weeks & Up
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Chicago Dog Obedience & Agility Training

As a dog owner, it’s tempting to shy away from rigid training for your dog. You may wonder whether or not obedience training in Chicago is worth it, but our team at Chicago Canine Academy takes pride in helping to transform your dog for the better! Our training services are approached with the mindset that dogs love structure, but we encourage them with love every step of the way as well. Through positive reinforcement, our team will help your dog learn basic commands, loose leash walking, and overall manners.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Not only is dog training important for your dog’s physical stimulation, but for his or her mental stimulation as well. Calling on your dog to focus and learn tasks is a great way to ensure they are developing lifelong habits that will serve both of you well in the long run.

Increase Sociability

Socialization is a hugely important aspect of your dog’s life. You want to have the confidence that your dog is able to control themselves regardless of the situation. Introduce them early to many different people, places, and experiences. Our obedience training in Chicago can help teach your dog the dos and don’ts when it comes to interacting with other dogs and humans.

Start Obedience Training in Chicago Early

Puppies are especially susceptible to soaking in new information. A good canine education is priceless to your dog’s quality of life, and it will make you and your family aware of the importance of a well-trained dog as well. Dogs want to know that they have a strong leader navigating them through life, so it is important that you establish yourself as being in charge from the get-go. Our team can help puppies transform into obedient, loyal dogs that are eager and willing to learn. This will also set them up to avoid problem behaviors in the future, leading to a long and happy life for both of you.

Our Training Services

We offer two different training options so you can pick the best for you. Our Boot Camp is two weeks long and aimed at correcting bad behaviors. We also offer private weekly sessions if your dog needs to work one-on-one with a trainer to correct bad habits. For both training options, dogs need to be 16 weeks or older.

If you have questions about our obedience training in Chicago, please contact our team at Chicago Canine Academy today.

Learn how to lead your dog with Chicago Canine Academy Training.

Canine Good Citzen

We now offer AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Testing!

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What Clients said

  • Serious training & a complete transformation in only 2 weeks. Monika trained our dog and took care of him as if he was her own & now he attends weekly classes with Jim. He's literally a new dog. Thanks guys!

    Monika C. DogHouse Inc
    Monika C.
  • Jim and his team are wonderful. Maverick and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. If you are looking for game changing training Chicago Canine Academy is the place to go. You and your dog will love it!!!

    Mike D. company co
    Mike D.
  • Absolutely a god send! I love this place. My 100lb dog was reactive to other dogs and did not trust me. Jim, Algis, Carol, Alex, Alexa, Alena and everyone at CCA has been so helpful and loving toward my pupper and me!

    Sarah H.
    Sarah H.