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Doggie Daycare

About our Daycare services

Chicago Canine Academy Offers Daycare Services For Dogs

We know how important stimulation is for a dog to maintain good behavior. That’s why we offer dog daycare services in addition to our training programs. When your dog stays with us, we will provide six hours of outside entertainment and exercise per day. We will assess your dog’s behavior and determine if it’s safe to allow your dog to play with the other dogs, or if it’s better to allow for private exercise time.

Your dog will be in the company of a caring dog trainer. If you’re looking for puppy schools or dog training schools in Chicago, Illinois, we encourage you to give us a call and see how we can help you provide the proper training for your pet

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what do i get?

Doggie Daycare – $25

Our dog daycare services are a great option for people who work long hours or families who just got a puppy and don’t want to leave it alone for the day. You pay per day and your dog receives individualized attention from a caring, professional trainer. Your dog will be able to run outside for up to 6 hours, with our trainers always assessing your dog’s behavior to determine if he or she should run with other dogs or take advantage of our private run.

We will provide needed medications, food, and water. No dog is ever left to fend for itself in our dog daycare services.

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