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About Our Boarding Services Chicago

Chicago Canine Academy Offers Caring, Safe, Boarding Services For Dogs

When you go out of town, it is difficult to truly enjoy your time if you are worried about your dog the entire time. Rather than having a dog sitter drop in and out of your house on occasion, why not opt for a boarding service that ensures your dog is monitored at all times? At Chicago Canine Academy, our team is ready and willing to help make sure your dog is entertained, well-fed, exercised and completely taken care of. When your dog is boarding with us, our team of professional trainers will keep an eye on your dog and make sure that they are having a good time!

Why Board?

You may be tempted to leave your dog in the hands of a family member or a friend, but in reality, they won’t get the attention that they deserve if the caretaker is constantly coming and going. Plus, when dogs are alone, they may become bored and get destructive, resulting in rummaging through the garbage can, chewing on furniture, or damaging clothes and shoes. Dog boarding is especially ideal for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety while their family members are away, or if your dog is young and needs a lot of attention and bathroom breaks.

If you have a puppy, dog boarding in Chicago is a great chance for them to be exposed to other dogs and develop important socialization skills that will serve them well in the long-run.

Peace of Mind

At Chicago Canine Academy, we understand that your dog is an important family member that deserves undivided care and attention. Rather than worrying about your four-legged friend the entire time you are away, our services allow for you to focus on your time away.

Why Choose Chicago Canine Academy?

Under our care, your dog will get all of the physical activity and care that they need! Owner Jim Morgan has built a business grounded in the idea that dog owners should be strong leaders so that their dogs follow suit. Jim and his staff understand how to take care of your dog while providing them with a sense of positive energy.

If you are interested in dog boarding services in Chicago, look no further than our team at Chicago Canine Academy.

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what do i get?

Dog Boarding – $50

Our dog boarding service is the perfect fit for people that will be gone for a long period of time. Like a daycare service, you pay per day and we give your dog a nurturing environment full of caring staff. Your dog will be given 6 hours of outdoor play each day and will receive proper amount of water, food and medications if needed. If training is needed during this time, feel free to ask and we can see if it should be necessary. We promise to give your dog the love and care it deserves while you’re gone. We encourage you to give us a call for your temporary boarding needs.