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Keeping Man’s Best Friend Entertained Indoors

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At the Chicago Canine Academy, we know that idle paws can lead to troublemaking at home. If your dog is unoccupied for a length of time, they may seek out ways to entertain themselves that cause problems for their humans. Time spent in an obedience school for dogs in Chicago can help them develop better behaviors, but this won’t prevent boredom itself. Today we’ll talk about some of the ways you can keep your dog busy indoors.


Some dogs just go absolutely bonkers for new toys. A fresh dog toy can generate new inspiration to play and be a lot of fun for your pet. But, you don’t always have to buy new toys for your pet: the crafty ones among us may enjoy making a new dog toy, and if you have several toys already you can try washing and rotating them for a brand-new-toy feel.


Just like humans, dogs are easily entertained by playing games. Sure, you could just give your dog a treat, but hiding the treats and having your dog look for and find them will provide more entertainment. You can hide them around the house, or hide one treat under one of three cups for a fun memory game. Classic games like hide and seek, tug of war, and fetch can help you and your dog play together—and get tuckered out together!

New Tricks

Practicing a new skill can be very stimulating for your pet, and the one-on-one time necessary offers an added emotional benefit. To get even more value from the process of training, you might want to try teaching them something that’s useful. You could try teaching them to turn lights on and off, to fetch their leash, or even to put away their own toys!

Our Obedience School for Dogs in Chicago

If your dog is persistently making messes or otherwise misbehaving at home or with others, it’s important to correct that behavior as soon as possible. Contact us today for information on our obedience training services.

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