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Helping Your Dog with Back-to-School Blues

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Now that September is officially here, many kids are heading back to school to take on the new year. While this is a shift in your child’s schedule, it’s also important to note that this is a shift in your pet’s schedule as well. Your dog is likely used to your family being home most of the time, so the transition into the start of a new school year can be tough on dogs as well.

Exercise Is Key

Many people drop their dogs off at dog daycare in Chicago because they want to ensure their four-legged friend is getting the exercise that they need. The school year brings a ton of chaos with everyone’s different schedules, so it’s important to still consider how much exercise your dog needs. At Chicago Canine Academy, we encourage you to pass on the responsibility of exercising your dog onto us!

Your Energy Will Radiate

If you feel anxious or stressed, this will likely rub off on your dog as well. If you get worked up every time you say goodbye to your dog, your pet may feel anxious in return. If separation anxiety is problematic for your dog, more professional training could be beneficial. Our team at Chicago Canine Academy can help with this as well.

Stimulate Their Brain

One way to tire your pet out, even if all you have is 10 minutes, is by exercising their brain. Psychological stimulation is just as exhausting, if not, more exhausting than physical exercise. Teach your dog a new trick or test their patience by making them wait for their treat before giving it to them.

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