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Helpful Tips for Training Your Dog

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Helpful Tips for Training Your Dog

While it is important to turn to professional dog training in Chicago when you are trying to train your dog, it is also important that you have the necessary tools and information to work on training at home as well. You’ll want to start training your dog the second you bring him or her home to start positive habits and establish that you are in control. Here are some helpful tips from Chicago Canine Academy.

Choose the Name Wisely

You want to choose a name for your dog that not only you love, but that registers with your pet as well. Dog respond best to names that are short and end in a strong consonant, such as Jack or Ginger. Also remember to associate your dog’s name with only positive things, such as treats, taking a walk or eating. You want your dog to respond to his or her name when it is called, not run the other way because they think they are in trouble.

Don’t Overlook Good Behavior

As pet owners, we are often quick to punish bad behavior. But another important aspect of dog training in Chicago is rewarding and praising your dog for their good behavior as well. Positive reinforcement such as treats and praise can go a long way!

Discourage Biting

As your puppy ages, there’s no doubt that they will want to bite everything in sight. This is a natural part of teething as their baby teeth begin to fall out. When you notice your dog is biting a lot, try making a high-pitched yelping noise to teach them that you are in pain. You can also swap out your hand or your pants for a toy that your pup is supposed to chew on.

Utilize these tips for successful dog training in Chicago, and don’t forget to turn to a professional team as well!

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