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Dog Daycare vs. Pet Sitters – Which is Better?

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Dog Daycare VS Pet Sitters

If you are going on a trip and leaving your pup behind for the first time, you may be wondering if you should invest in dog daycare in Chicago or hire a local pet sitter. While there are advantages to both options, dog daycare is best for specialized attention. Use this guide from Chicago Canine Academy to learn more about why this is the right choice. 

Socialization & Companionship 

Dog daycare in Chicago is a great opportunity for your pet to learn socialization skills from other dogs. If your dog is the only pet in your family, these socialization skills will serve you well in the long run. In addition, your dog will benefit from healthy companionship from other dogs and our staff. This is great for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety when you leave. 

Full-Time Attention 

You will rest easier knowing that your dog will receive constant monitoring, instead of having a pet sitter drop by a few times a week. Dog daycare in Chicago is especially great for younger puppies that need specialized attention and various potty breaks. 

Professional Care

Our staff is highly experienced in caring for all types of dogs, while some pet sitters may not be as experienced. We will ensure your dog receives the proper food and water, exercise and rest time. Our professional can manage specialized attention to dogs that need a little extra help and are trained in handling puppy conflict. 

Are you taking a trip soon? To book your dog daycare in Chicago, IL, contact Chicago Canine Academy today!

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