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Does My Dog Need Professional Training?

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Dog Traning Chicago

When it comes to dogs, many people think they have the training process under control. It’s not until there is a frustrating example of disobedience that dog parents begin to wonder whether or not they should invest in dog training in Chicago. While many basics can be taught successfully by dog parents, it’s crucial that you get the help that you need before your dog’s behavior begins to spiral out of control.

Excessive Biting

When your dog is a puppy, it’s only natural for them to bite as they begin to lose their puppy teeth and start to get their adult teeth. The teething process can be painful for them and it is their natural instinct to bite down on something. However, if your dog isn’t a puppy and is biting other animals, family members or friends, you’ll want to invest in our dog training in Chicago. Your dog shouldn’t be causing harm to other animals or people, and this is a classic sign that more intense training is necessary.

Separation Anxiety

This is a common problem in dogs who are too dependent on being around their humans for comfort. In the early stages of having your dog, make sure you practice leaving them alone for increasingly long periods of time. This will help them learn that you will always come back for them and that they don’t need to panic if you leave. Helpful tips include playing music for them or even going into another room and shutting the door to see if they are calm. Consistent training and practice can help both you and your dog become used to being apart.

Escape Artists

Is your dog somehow escaping their crate or other areas of confinement? This could potentially put them in danger if they are desperate to get out. Plus, if you are confining them, this means they aren’t ready to have free reign of the house.

If your traditional training approach isn’t successful, contact our team at Chicago Canine Academy today. We are happy to help you and your dog work through troubling issues to get your dog on the right track!

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