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Chicago Canine Academy’s goal is to give each dog a big life, no matter how big or small

No matter if its a Miniature Pinscher, a Great Dane or something in between, we want your dog to be a marvelous canine athlete that can run full out to get a well rounded exercise.

A lot of the problems we see day to day come from a dogs frustration with not getting the physical activity that nature intends for them.

Because of this a dog can become aggressive, destructive, and anxious. They can also excessively bark, pace back and forth and become obese. These problems stem from a lack of exercise.

Untrained dogs cannot get the workouts they deserve, because they are untrained. Without a leash they might run away never to be seen again. They could also get hit by a car. They may even attack another dog or person.

Owner Jim Morgan’s own dogs, Leika and Lucy, can both run and play anywhere they are taken to.

He provided them with enough training so that they are 100% reliable no matter where they are.These dogs are living big lives and are an absolute joy to see run around. Leika and Lucy can go to airports, restaurants, art fairs and assisted living facilities. An untrained dog could never accomplish such things.

At Chicago Canine Academy, we will train your dog so that they too can have a big life.

At Chicago Canine Academy, we will train your dog so that they too can have a big life. Each dog is different, so our methods of training will vary. During your dogs’ training, we will find their weaknesses so that we can help them cope without becoming scared. No matter the situation, we will train your dog with respect for the breed.

We operate with the theory that the stronger you are, the safer your dog feels. We don’t beg, plead, cajole or bribe the dog to get our way. We become leaders so our dogs follow us because we’re strong and safe. When we give corrections, it’s never personal or angry. It’s just a consequence for behavior that we want to eliminate from your dog’s repertoire.

Praise on the other hand, is very personal and very fun.

It’s how we motivate and put the joy into training. I will often comment on a dog’s demeanor while he’s working. If he’s not wagging and smiling, then the owner has to change his way of communication. As the leader, the owner has to have a sense of fun and good energy. Otherwise, the dog is obeying out of fear – this is not what we teach.


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