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Our Trainers


Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan is a long established trainer in Chicago that is very well known in the city. From 1985 to 1992, he opened and ran Morgan's Dogs. Then in 1994 he opened Chicago Canine Academy. He provides his style of training to nearby neighborhoods giving dogs and their owners real world experience. As Director of Training, he provides the fundamentals of obedience training to many proud owners. You can hear his expert advice on WGN-TV and Radio as well as WCIU's morning program. He is also featured in the Chicago Sun Times.


Algis Ivanauskus

Algis brings many years of experience to the Chicago Canine Academy and comes from a long, storied background in the dog training world. He was a dog training specialist for the Frontier Guard of Finland, a certified Dog Drug Enforcement Instructor and a Canine Good Citizen evaluator for AKC. Along with his many years at the Chicago Canine Acadmey, he strives each day to keep things challenging for his canine pupils.


Our Philosophy


Dog problems? Good news, you are probably the source of the problems and also the solution. As a dog owner, you have to give your dog three basic needs: food, safety and leadership. If any of these are lacking, then they will exhibit bad behavior. Changing your relationship with your dog and you will enjoy the benefits of dog ownership. You and your dog will be able to go virtually anywhere.


Meeting your dog's basic needs can almost rid every single behavioral problem they have. By becoming a leader, you make the dog feel safe and trust you. Communication without talking and reasoning is necessary. Your actions have to speak for you. Every little thing you do is noticed by your dog. You have to be a leader and your dog wants you to be one. Teaching a dog to sit will improve both of your lives dramatically!


A poorly led dog will live on impulse. If a dog jumps on people, what is going to stop them? There needs to be consequences. Sometimes 'No' works. Other times not so much and you need to be prepared on how to handle that kind of situation. You don't need to hurt your dog, but you will need to find out what kind of correction is needed. If you are having difficulties establishing boundaries, come to us and we will train your dog to heel and sit. After that we will show you the steps for going from there. We will show you how to communicate to your dog without the use of treats. All of this can be done in a single session.


While teaching your dog, you will be imposing your will on them. From this you will build alpha points with your dog. Each dog has a different personality, so your methods will matter to them. Some dogs will scream, others will challenge you, while others will shut down. You must work through these challenges and not give up. It might look tough, but you cannot make deals with your dog. You're not asking them to do surgery, just to "sit". If you can teach one hard thing, everything else from there will become much easier.


Once you accomplish "sit", you have cured a lot of ordinary behavioral issues. Once you can accomplish this, you can take them out on the street. From there you can teach your dog to "sit" with strangers everywhere. In no time, you will have a trained obedient dog.


A fearful dog can be put at ease through "sit". Take them to a park and have them "sit" a foot away. Let them handle the stress of being away from you and assure them they are safe. Then praise them for doing a job well done. Do this 15 minutes each day and your dogs fears will go away. You will be able to go anywhere and your dog will have trust in you. No fear means no separation anxiety. They will be more confident and happy.


Dog doesn't like kids? That is fine. Just teach them to tolerate them. Once they show aggression, have them "sit". Once they do that then shower with praise. If they're aggressive, never pet them. That lets them know it's ok to do that.


If you have people come over, don't put your dog away each time. Have a short leash on your dog and let them roam the house. Once company arrives, teach them to "sit". After 2 minutes, your dog will be more calm with company around. If this doesn't happen, use the appropriate correction. This will teach them how to be respectful around others. After 5 times of doing this, you will see drastic changes in your pet. Reinforce good behavior and reap the benefits. Both pet and owner will be very happy.


Use these tips and your life with your dog will improve dramatically. Even though it's hard, it's more than worth it. If you're looking for more, turn to us. We're happy to help you out.

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