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If you live in the Chicago area, give us a call for your boarding needs.


The professional dog trainers at Chicago Canine Academy in Chicago, Illinois understand dogs can become destructive to fight boredom when left alone for too long. They can rummage through garbage, chew up furniture or damage clothes and shoes. Dog boarding can help overcome your dogs boredom when you're gone from home for work or vacation. It is a much better substitute than the occasional house sitter.

Dog Boarding - $50

Our dog boarding service is the perfect fit for people that will be gone for a long period of time. Like a daycare service, you pay per day and we give your dog a nurturing environment full of caring staff. Your dog will be given 6 hours of outdoor play each day and will receive proper amoaunt of water, food and medications if needed. If training is needed during this time, feel free to ask and we can see if it should be necessary. We promise to give your dog the love and care it deserves while you're gone. We encourage you to give us a call for your temporary boarding needs.

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